Grazing for Profit



February 15, 2018

Roane State Community College

Make Checks Payable to:

(RSCD) Roane Soil Conservation District

424 N. Kentucky St.   Kingston, TN 37763

Phone: (865) 376-2393 ext. 3

Name:       ____________________________________________________________

Address:   ____________________________________________________________

City:          ________________________  State:  ______________  Zip:  __________

Phone:      ____________________________________________________________

E-mail:      ____________________________________________________________  

The information you provide will be helpful to our Staff as we complete preparations for the conference.

You are attending the conference because you are a:

 _____ Farmer _____ Ag professional _____ Other

Your operation includes how many acres:

 _____ Pasture _____ Hay _____ Crop

What type of livestock operation do you have?  (Enter number)

 _____ Cow/Calf _____Sheep _____ Goats ______ Stocker _____Other

What grazing practices do you use?

_____Continuous _____Strip _____Rotational _____Management Intensive

Grazing/ Prescribed Grazing

What nutrient test do you consider in your operation?

 _____ Soil Test _____pH Test _____Organic matter

Do you manage your operation using conservation practices?

_____ Livestock exclusion from creek with alternative water supply

_____Buffer Strips _____ Wildlife area established

_____ Grazing management, Cover crops, mulches, manure mgt.